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Heroines & Humanitarians

This project, led by sculptor, Jane Trotter, of the Flint Institute of Arts, will honor local women of influence. Jane, and select sculpting students, are creating bronze busts of these women which will be publicly displayed as role models, especially for girls and young women.

Many thanks to the numerous individuals who have helped bring this to the community and to the Mott Foundation for their financial support and leadership.

Promote the Vote - Prop 3 Michigan Constitutional Amendment Passed

The LWV is proud to share that Prop 3, for a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing certain basic voting rights, passed in November 2018!

The amendment for voting rights offers a common-sense approach to safeguarding our elections & puts voters first:
- Protects the right to vote a secret ballot
- Ensures military service members overseas get their ballots in time for their votes to count
- Provides all registered voters equal access to an absentee ballot
- Allows citizens to register to vote closer to Election Day, as the majority of states do
- Provides voters with the option to vote straight party
- Automatically registers citizens to vote at the Secretary of State's office unless the citizen declines
- Creates fair rules that remove barriers and make voting more secure so we the people are heard on Election Day

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the League of Women Voters at

Redistricting News

The LWV is happy to announce that Prop 2 to end Gerrymandering, was passed by voters in November 2018. This proposal mandates that an independent commission fairly regulate the drawing of political boundaries for U.S. Representatives, State Senate, and State Representatives, after the 2010 Census is concluded.

Additionally, the LWV MI lawsuit against the Secretary of State office was decided by a federal 3-judge panel. The judges ruled that 27 of 34 districts were unfairly drawn. The panel also tasked the current legislature with redrawing lines by Aug 1st to accommodate the upcoming primary election.

Republicans are currently challenging the federal ruling at the Supreme Court. Stay tuned for updates.

For more information, contact Linda Hoff at

Flint Water Crisis - Information for the Public

Here is the link to the recent PBS NOVA documentary Poisoned Water

Following are articles of importance regarding the Flint Water Crisis.

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Fighting LEAD Exposure with Nutrition

FEMA Update - Health & Human Services to Lead the Federal Response

Released e-mails from Governor Synder,4668,7-277--374050--,00.html

Follow-up Letter to Governor Synder, Commissioner Curtis and Mayor Weaver

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