Making Democracy Work


The LWV of the Flint Area sponsored a comprehensive Young Adult Voter Registration campaign. Every high school in Genesee County was invited to participate in Voter Registration and Voter Education. We are happy to report that over 20 high schools participated - a record number for us! We have also received a commitment from the GISD to help bring Voter Education back to the high schools. If your school partipated, please thank them. If not, please encourage them. For more on voter registration, please contact Linda Hoff at - THANKS!


The LWV of the Flint Area is looking for young adults who are interested in working with us to help engage peers in our communities and work toward building a stronger sense of civic-mindedness. Voter Registration, Voter Engagement, Voter Education

If interested, please contact Linda Hoff at

College Student Presenters

The LWV of the Flint Area is currently seeking several college students who will help us prepare and present voting information at local (Genesee County) high schools. This activity will help build on your presentation skills as well as provide a necessary civic service. Time commitment is flexible.

For more information, contact Linda Hoff at


If you have any questions, please contact Linda Hoff at